THE CITY and Chalkbeat hosted a session at Brooklyn’s Central Library about how to get appropriate mental health support for kids in NYC public schools.
Families say publicly funded, privately run charter schools in New York are allowed to punish and discriminate against students by calling in emergency services.
The decision to start the new school year with steady budgets, however, doesn’t mean schools are completely immune from cuts.
The first day of school is typically the Thursday after Labor Day, but families want confirmation. Other districts finalized their calendars by March.
Suspensions are also up 6% compared with the same period in 2019, just before the pandemic hit.
For future school years, education department officials are bracing for some big expenses to comply with the law.
Part of a New York Academy of Sciences program, seventh graders get excited when their trail cameras catch critters in a nearby park.
Mayor Eric Adams has proposed ending Promise NYC, which has provided free child care to 600 undocumented immigrant children.
After a cautious start, our approach to AI technology is evolving.
The move came days after the Adams administration placed them in an elementary school gym, then faced protests.
To house the influx of migrants, New York City might tap up to 20 gyms in public schools to use as shelters, Mayor Eric Adams said Tuesday. Tensions are rising over the plans.
Some 500 asylum-seekers slept in a school gym on Staten Island over the weekend. By Monday city officials had identified six more gyms, all in Brooklyn, to cope with an evolving emergency.
The mayor said that the public system that’s failing to educate Black and brown kids should be “duplicating” what the Jewish religious schools are achieving. But his administration is battling to keep evaluations of 26 such schools under wraps.
We know science-based sex education works. We need to apply a similar strategy to drug abuse prevention.
‘We know that food insecurity prior to the pandemic was a major problem in New York City,’ one advocate said. ‘It’s only gotten exponentially worse since the pandemic, so any ongoing support is really essential.’

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City Council Speaker Adrienne Adams blasted the mayor’s approach to early childhood education, describing the system as “broken” and “in full crisis mode.
In the next two years, all NYC elementary schools will be required to overhaul literacy instruction.
As the city expects another wave of newcomer immigrant families, educators are worried it will become even more challenging to support English learners.
The latest enrollment figures hold major implications for school funding across the five boroughs.
What if we taught the class thematically rather than chronologically?
Though New York City’s public libraries avoided deep cuts that would have significantly reduced hours, educators warn access to librarians is still limited in schools.
Despite a pledge to stop relying on police to deal with students who have mental health episodes, New York City schools have continued to call 911 on kids in distress thousands of times a year, an investigation by THE CITY and ProPublica found.
Schools are straining to keep up with counseling demand as mental health woes mount for young people. If your child needs help at school, here’s how to start.
In total, New York City schools will receive about 4% more in funding than last year.
My NYC campus is famous for its academics. It’s also an incredibly creative, supportive, and idiosyncratic place.
Transfer schools, which serve students who are at risk of dropping out, are in a precarious position. 70% of them now enroll fewer than 200 students.
Opponents — and even some of their endorsed candidates — say one well-organized parent group is turning Community Education Councils into forums for right-wing animosity over issues like critical race theory and the treatment of LGBTQ+ youth.
Gov. Kathy Hochul’s push for more charter schools in New York City emerged as one of the last items holding up the overdue state budget — and her keen interest puzzled many following the issue.
Two-thirds of that cut, or about $650 million, is the result of Adams’ decision to reduce the city’s contribution to the education department.
“If you enter the school system as a 3-year-old, and you exit as an 18-year-old, you will have done 60 lockdown drills,” one parent said. “This is not about making anyone less safe — this is about being smart about what is the best mediated solution.”
Lawmakers could solidify a final budget as early as this week, but charter schools have been a sticking point.
Some teachers also expressed concerns about administrative work that distracts from teaching.
Join Chalkbeat and THE CITY’s Open Newsroom on Thursday, May 11, at 6 p.m. at the Brooklyn Public Library’s Central Library for a conversation about school-based mental health support for kids.
The SUNY school on Long Island will lead a partnership of academic institutions, nonprofits, and community groups to come up with climate solutions.
Students need a basic financial education well before they are bombarded with credit card offers.
“Climate education has the potential to empower the next generation of civic leaders and improve the futures of millions of young people,” one student said.
Exposure to the humanities will make me a more open-minded and compassionate physician.
“When it comes to these small, close-knit communities that are so tight, it really does feel like you’re breaking up families,” one local education council member said.
A state-appointed commission will present its recommendations this November — moving up the timeline by at least a few months. The role of New York’s Regents exams remains a big question.
In its third year, the program will again have 110,000 spots and will be open to any child in New York City — but there are a couple changes to the application process.
A bill that would increase First Amendment protections for young reporters is gaining momentum in Albany this session after nearly seven years of advocacy.
The new school, known as South Bronx Literacy Academy, is the culmination of years of advocacy from a handful of parent advocates.
The education department’s spending per pupil has increased by 46%, in large part due to the billions in federal COVID aid the district received as enrollment has dipped.
The $78 million plan was first unveiled in January in the mayor’s preliminary budget.
The project involved counting up technology such as tablets, laptops, desktop computers, printers, and smartboards.